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KlassyKittens Medieval Munchkins


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Show News

Here I will share our experiences as we travel on the road to as many shows as possible.   You can watch each "kid" grown as they have wonderful triumphs and devastating losses.  Each helps them grow and mature....this includes my "two-legged" kids!!!

Memorial Day weekend, May 29th & 30th, 2004, we headed to Lake Jackson, Texas for the Texas Maine Coonfederacy, "United We Stand" show.  This was put on in the Swiss Cherotel atrium.  For this show we had Lady Krissy, Maiden Galadrial, and our very own Rosie Cotton.  Rosie created a lot of controversy..we have not yet defined her coloring.  Lady Krissy had a great show.  We had hoped that letting her have a litter of kittens would mellow her out and it worked.  She still had her little "say" with every judge and even displayed her trade-mark for every judge.  Her trade-mark is a narrow ridge of hair she raises right down the middle of her back & tail...during a show in November 2003 in Houston judge Toni Jones called her a "Munchkin Ridgeback" and it has stuck.   Specialty Judge Michael Hammond awarded Krissy with a 2nd place final and that allows Krissy to claim her first title, Champion.  Not to be out done..Maiden Galadrial also received a final from Michael Hammond.  He placed her 7th in the championship longhaired cat division.  Little Rosie Cotton did very well for her first show.  Saturday she was honored with a 10th place final from Allbreed Judge Ann Hoehn. On Sunday she received three finals:  Allbreed Judge Joe Edwards placed her 9th, Allbreed Judge Steve Svant gave her a 3rd place final, and Allbreed Judge Fate Mays awarded her a 6th place final.  We look forward to watching her blossom in the show ring as the shows go by. 
April 3rd & 4th, 2004 saw us travel to New Braunfels, Texas for the Mission City Cat Clubs "Here Comes Peter Cat-N-Tail" show.  Here we showed Lady Krissy, Maiden Galadrial, and Wizard Gandalf.  The first day of showing was disappointing as none of the "kids" did well in the ring.  We returned the next show day with a new agenda..get Sir Lancelot photographed.  He did wonderful!!!    The last ring of the day saw Gala achieve her first title, Champion.  Specialty Judge Cheryl Hogan placed her 10th.  For us it was like placing her 1st!!  She is such a little toot in the ring, but her second day of showing was great.  She walked for and even "talked" to many of the judges.  She did so well that we had her photographed as watch for both Lances' and Galas' new
WE WISH TO THANK ALL THE JUDGES THAT HAVE SEEN & HANDLED OUR CATS/KITTENS...we appreciate the time and effort you put into the decisions you make.